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On-Demand Delivery

Our On-Demand Delivery add-on feature, powered by DoorDash Drive, is purpose-built for fast and efficient delivery directly to individuals. Your clients can book deliveries by phone and our tool allows you to coordinate delivery to their home using DoorDash Dashers or your own roster of drivers.

DoorDash Driver preparing order for On-Demand Delivery

Partner With Industry Leaders

Improve Accessibility & Access

Our On-Demand Delivery add-on is an all-in-one delivery scheduling and fulfillment system designed specifically for the unique needs of volunteer-driven organizations. Built atop an industry leading fleet management integration with DoorDash Drive, the On-Demand Delivery add-on harnesses intelligent last-mile logistics management to ensure your clients have a reliable home delivery option.

Man loading DoorDash car with grocery bag for delivery

Delivery You Can Count On

Remove accessibility barriers for communities that are traditionally underserved or situated in food deserts. Let clients request, schedule and track the delivery of supplies and food.

Reduce Administrative Load

Our On-Demand Delivery add-on leverages DoorDash’s industry leading logistics platform to streamline every aspect of your delivery services. Reduce data entry time and delivery windows by allowing clients to pre-book their services.

Optimize Routes

Make sure every delivery gets fulfilled. The On-Demand Delivery add-on intelligently assigns available drivers to the most efficient drop-off routes, ensuring a cost-effective and prompt dispatch process.

Enhance Your Service Offering

Integrate On-Demand Delivery With Ease

Why make your clients come to you when you can bring healthy food directly to their doors? With our On-Demand Delivery add-on, increased access is just a simple integration away.

On-Demand Delivery desktop product screen shot of Link2Feed appointment feature

Unlock Access to Healthy Food​

Operate the most efficient delivery solution at scale while also fulfilling your mission and overcoming the stigma associated with food insecurity and resource fulfillment programs.

Drivers On-Demand

Fulfill delivery orders with your own fleet of volunteer drivers. Need help? Unlock on-demand DoorDash Dashers across 900+ cities in the United States and Canada and leverage their fleet for fast fulfillment.

Dispatch Drivers With Confidence

Keep tabs on your in-progress deliveries with real-time tracking technology. The On-Demand Delivery administrative portal provides complete visibility for all orders, beginning at pick-up and ending with drop-off.

Two Ways to Manage Deliveries

Enable client-initiated online delivery requests by-phone and/or schedule deliveries through our integrated attendance and appointments feature.

Keep Clients Informed

Remove unnecessary anxiety from the delivery process. Send a live tracking link via SMS so your clients can track their delivery to their door.

Add-On Features

The On-Demand Delivery add-on, powered by DoorDash Drive, is just one of the powerful add-on features designed to extend the efficiency of your system. Explore additional Case Management Software compatible add-on features below.

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