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Harness the Power of APIs

API Integrations

Our Application Programming Interface (API) Integrations help your technical team incorporate your data and Link2Feed’s powerful case management functionality directly into your existing systems and workflows. Link2Feed’s API Integrations are available only for the Case Management Software system.

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Engage With Your Data Differently

API Integrations Offer Big Benefits​

Link2Feed’s APIs make it easy for you to integrate additional data points into your existing systems, reducing development timelines and saving your team time and money.​

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Connect to Your Data Warehouse

Expand your understanding of client needs by incorporating Link2Feed’s data streams into your own data warehouse or business intelligence (BI) tools.

Easy to Use Technical Standards

All of our APIs are built using modern technical standards, making integrations quick and easy for technical teams.

Create Custom Workflows

Integrate data from existing systems into Link2Feed in order to create holistic client views and build custom workflows.

Create Data Connectivity​

Unlock Additional Infrastructure

Our API Integrations provide a software intermediary that allows our applications to talk to your existing systems, providing your organization with additional data.​

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Integrate With Ease

Link2Feed offers two data access integrations: the Database Access Suite (for integrating into query and analytics solutions) and a RESTful HTTP Export API (for synchronizing Link2Feed case management data in a data repository using differential data). Link2Feed has also exposed our client and appointment features through a RESTful API.​


Link2Feed’s HTTP Export API offers a limited query access. It is designed as a synchronization endpoint for data warehouses, lakes and repository solutions. Data can be anonymized or fully identifiable.

RESTful Client & Appointment API

This API integration consists of three endpoint collections - Data Types, the Client API and the Appointment API. Together, they expose core functionality from our premium case management self-enrollment and online booking tool.

API Integrations Documentation

Review Link2Feed’s detailed documentation to learn more about available API integrations. Access is granted via an add-on subscription and integration into existing systems is the responsibility of your existing development team.

Database Access Suite

Our Database Access Suite is managed through existing MySQL standards that can connect into a wide range of data tools. The suite is useful as either a fully queryable data access tool, or as the base point for a synchronization system. Data can be anonymized or fully identified.

Add-On Features

Our API Integrations add-on makes it even easier to unlock the power of Link2Feed’s Case Management Software. Explore other add-on features below to further enhance your new system.​


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Customer Case Studies

Check out the following case studies to see how our API Integrations have helped customers supercharge their case management capabilities.

API Integrations You Can Trust

API Integrations You Can Trust​

Contact Link2Feed to see if our API Integrations add-on is right for your Case Management Software implementation.​

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