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FAQs About Link2Feed’s Sales Process

“Sites” can refer to sub locations, agencies or branches within your organization. For example, CACFP & SFSP Sponsors may manage multiple meal service locations, a Food Bank may have a network of multiple agencies within its organization and a Nonprofit may have multiple stops for a mobile pantry. Link2Feed offers competitive enterprise pricing for customers that manage multiple sites; as such, we ask that you provide this information in the form so we can provide you with the most affordable price possible.

CACFP stands for the Child and Adult Care Food Program while SFSP stands for the Summer Food Service Program. These programs are federally funded programs that reimburse sponsors for the administrative and operational costs associated with providing healthy meals to families in need. Learn more on the CACFP & SFSP Sponsor page.

There are three main differences between these packages. First, the Standard package is limited to three programs, while the Premium package provides customers with an unlimited number of programs. Second, the Premium package includes Goals and Assessments, features that allow your organization to both set tasks and track how outcomes change for your clients over time. Third, Premium includes Link2Feed’s self-enrollment and online booking tool, which allows clients to manage their profile and pre-book appointments. The Standard package is recommended for organizations who are implementing Case Management Software for the first time. The Premium package is recommended for organizations that are looking to optimize their Case Management Software or are focused on outcome-driven and evidence-based decision making. Customers can upgrade from Standard to Premium at any time. If you’re interested in learning more about Link2Feed’s case management packages, simply select the Case Management Software option from the product list above and our team will be in touch shortly. You can learn more about pricing for the packages on the Case Management Pricing page.

Direct bank withdrawals (ACH or PAD) is preferred. Link2Feed also accepts all major credit cards (a processing fee will apply) and bank wires. We do not accept checks.

For more information on the hardware and software requirements needed to successfully implement and use Link2Feed software, please review our Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements page.

Link2Feed takes client privacy and security seriously. Please review our Security Features page to learn more about our commitment to data protections.

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