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We're a Team of Doers

Learn About Link2Feed

Link2Feed is a social impact SaaS company that’s focused on helping impact driven organizations tackle poverty relief in their community. As a Certified B Corp, we empower our customers with world-class technology to help them evolve beyond the status quo and use data to impact actionable change.

Link2Feed employee in a warehouse loading boxes on an assembly line

Be the Change You Seek

Technology That Transforms Communities

Our mission is to provide human services organizations focused on poverty relief with the technology, data and best practices they need to accelerate their mission and improve community outcomes. ​

Link2Feed employee and food bank employees smiling in front of sign

We Walk The Walk

Whether it’s stocking shelves at the local food bank or serving on a nonprofit board, our team doesn’t just talk about giving back; we make it a part of our mandate.

We Think Big

Our software is a catalyst for change. Together with our customers, our case management and CACFP & SFSP tools have impacted more than 40 million lives in hundreds of communities around the world.

We Are Constantly Collaborating

Together we can do more. At Link2Feed, we work with strategic partners who are mission aligned in order to expand the functionality of our software and provide our customers with innovative solutions that they might not otherwise be able to access.

Working Together to Make a Difference

We Are Catalysts of Change

Link2Feed is focused on empowering our customers with technology that helps accelerate their missions and transform their communities.

Link2Feed team posing with BCorp Best for the World Signs

Social is Our Bottom Line

As a Certified B Corp, our team consistently demonstrates a high social and environmental performance. We maintain a legal commitment to be accountable to our stakeholders and we exhibit operational transparency by allowing information about our company’s performance to be measured and published publicly.

Technical Partners, Intuitive Options

Link2Feed believes that the best software systems are the ones that are simple and intuitive to use. That’s why we strive to build functionality that balances technical sophistication with end-user ease of use. We’re users of our software too!

A Part of Something Bigger

We are proud to be a part of Radicle Health, a software collective dedicated to providing human services agencies and the people they serve with functional, modern and easy-to-use software solutions.

Accelerate Change Together

Our customers have a vision for profound impact. At Link2Feed, we are constantly fostering connections within our community of customers in order to provide additional support, cohesion and long-lasting professional relationships.

Client Care is at Our Heart

We understand that client care is constantly changing and evolving. That’s why we’ve built our software systems to be adaptable and expandable. We’re committed to growing with you, ensuring we’ll be your partner for years to come.

Learn More About Our Impact

Customer Case Studies

Changing the world isn’t easy; it requires an ongoing commitment to improvement and a dedication to doing things differently. Check out our Resource section to see how we’re constantly striving to create change at Link2Feed.​

Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Lives

Helping Our Customers Help Each Other

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