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Intuitive Client Care

Case Management Software

Improve your organization’s ability to manage and administer critical programs and services. Our Case Management Software enables quick and easy intake, prevents client duplicates and provides outcome-based reporting.

Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

Technology to Drive Communities

Link2Feed’s Case Management Software helps you identify and understand the needs of people in your community. ​

Woman at desk using case management software

Technology Made Simple

Intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features make it quick and easy to train new frontline recruits, regardless of their software experience.

All-in-One Program Management

Track all of your programs, from commodities (like TEFAP and CSFP) to financial assistance, in a single, integrated system. Generate visual reports and use data to monitor outcomes.

Maintain Data Integrity

Intelligent intake tools automatically check for duplicate entries to help keep client counts accurate. Easily access and report on unique client counts across programs and sites.

Track All of Your Clients' Needs

Simplify Complex Data Sets

Whether you’re using it independently at the agency level, or collaboratively across a network of sites, our Case Management Software provides your team with a single system for tracking all of your clients and programs.

Link2Feed Case Management Software on desktop

Custom Configurability

Link2Feed’s Case Management Software is based on a catalog of customizable fields and settings, making it easy for you to track distinct data points across a wide range of programs. There’s no need for complex technical setups. Simply click your selections and you’re ready to begin client intake. ​

De-Duplicate Client Counts

Identify potential individual and household profile duplicates at the time of intake. You can also merge duplicates post-intake to further ensure data integrity and de-duplicated client counts.

Automate Eligibility & Compliance

Automate compliance for government programs (TEFAP and CSFP), or create custom program eligibility criteria. Integrated electronic signature collection helps eliminate the need for paper forms.

Enable Self-Enrollment & Booking

Allow clients to create and manage their own profile online to speed up intake and pre-book services for pick-up or delivery.

Report on Actionable Outcomes

Generate reports with supporting graphics for specific programs, site-wide services or across multiple networked locations.

Impacting Client Intake

Powering Change

Contact Link2Feed to see how our powerful case management system can be a catalyst for data-driven mission achievement at your organization.​

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