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Security Features


When your clients provide you with personal information, they’re offering you more than just their contact details – they’re trusting you with their dignity. Link2Feed ensures this data is properly protected through the use of the following security features:

Link2Feed’s 256-bit security protection is the same level of online security used by top online banking providers to encrypt data both at-rest and in-transit. The Link2Feed system automatically assesses all browser security settings prior to accessing the online system in order to ensure the highest level of data protection. Built-in security features automatically require your staff to update their login details periodically, as well as ensure proper password strength. Called away from your terminal to deal with an emergency issue? Don’t worry, your session will automatically log out once you’ve been inactive for 20 minutes in order to protect the information you’d been working on. 

Link2Feed’s SSL/TLS certification uses best-in-class systems to protect data in-transit and ensures that your data never falls into the wrong hands. This security features makes it easy to visually confirm that you’re accessing the Link2Feed portal and not a phishing website. Whether your team consists of one member or one hundred, the Link2Feed system has the capacity to accommodate unique, permission-based profiles for every staff member at your food bank facility. Quickly and easily define what each user is able to see within the portal, and whether or not they are able to access the system from a computer located outside of your physical food bank location.  All users of your system are prompted to review and agree to a standard privacy and liability disclaimer before they are permitted access to your Link2Feed food bank portal. Link2Feed is also bound by a detailed licensing and confidentiality agreement that affirms no ownership rights to your food bank’s data or user information. At no point will Link2Feed release your data to the public or sell it to an affiliate. Client partners also have the ability to export their proprietary data at any time using our easy export tool. Encrypted data is backed up every 24 hours to at least two secure physical locations within the country where each food bank operates.

No chain is secure without a sturdy lock. Link2Feed’s industry leading security features are designed to protect your mission critical data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information on the security protocols built into the Link2Feed system please contact our team directly.

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