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Do More With Your Software

Add-on Features

Extend your reach and achieve your mission faster by supercharging your Link2Feed software system with add-on feature functionality. From APIs to inventory management, Link2Feed’s library of add-ons are easy to implement and intuitive to use.

Link2Feed Product Dashboard on desktop

Do More With Link2Feed

Integrate Add-On Functionality

Link2Feed offers four unique add-on features designed to extend the life and impact of your software system.


Manage a simple inventory ledger in real-time. Incoming donations and outgoing product distributions are tracked using the point of sale (POS) integration.

API Integrations

Incorporate case management functionality directly into your existing digital systems with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Extend Your Software

Add-on Feature Compatibility

In order to purchase one of Link2Feed’s add-ons, your organization must first be using one (or both) of our software solutions.

Case Management Software

All four of Link2Feed’s add-on features are compatible with our Case Management Software system.

CACFP & SFSP Software

The Volunteer Management Software is the only add-on feature compatible with our CACFP & SFSP Software.

Extend Your Impact

Enable​ Add-on Features Today

Contact Link2Feed to learn more about our add-on features or to enable one on an existing software implementation.

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