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Manage Inventory Levels With Ease

Inventory & Point of Sale

Our Inventory software helps small organizations manage a simple inventory ledger in real-time. Products being distributed to clients are quickly and easily tracked using the point of sale (POS) integration. Customers must be using Link2Feed’s Case Management Software in order to purchase the Inventory add-on.

Always Know What’s on Your Shelves​

Increase Your Stock Visibility

Our simple Inventory software helps your team keep track of stock without the use of countless spreadsheets.
Track waste and better understand your product flow at all times with our simple ledger.

People in a warehouse loading boxes on an assembly line

Manage Inventory Levels

Real-time tracking allows you to see exactly what products are available across your sites and locations, making it easy to know what to order or request from donors.

Calculate Donations by Source

Easily track and report on the volume of donations by donor or donor type. Automatically download or print receipts to show donors your appreciation.

Track What Comes In & Out

Designed for small organizations, the Inventory software add-on makes it easy for volunteers to stay on top of what’s coming in as well as what items have been distributed to clients.

Say Good Bye to Spreadsheets

Inventory With Impact

Upgrade from manual stock management processes. Inventory is designed to take you from spreadsheets to digital records in a snap.

Link2Feed Inventory & Point of Sales Software on a laptop

Easy Commodities Handling

Inventory management doesn’t have to overwhelm your grassroots organization. Build a framework for improved commodities handling with Link2Feed’s user-friendly system.​

Report on Donor Impact

See the total quantity or pounds donated by each donor over your select time period. Data is displayed in presentation-friendly graphs.

POS Tracks & Records Distributions

Products being distributed to clients are tracked and recorded to their profile using the POS integration with our Case Management Software.

Real-Time Reconciliation

The Inventory add-on makes it easy to perform regular physical reconciliations. Match up what’s on the shelves with what’s in the system with a few quick clicks.

Automated USDA reporting

Generate real-time reports based on federal USDA guidelines for TEFAP. Save your volunteers time and frustration by eliminating complicated spreadsheets and hardcopy tracking systems.

Add-On Features

Our Inventory software is just one of the powerful add-on features designed to enhance our Case Management Software. Explore other add-on features below.

API Integrations

Improving Communities with Inventory

Customer Case Studies

Check out the following case studies to see how our Inventory software and POS add-on has helped small organizations streamline the management of their stock levels.

Eliminate Unnecessary Administrative Hassles

Track Your Inventory With Confidence​

Contact Link2Feed to see how our Inventory add-on can enhance your Case Management Software package.​

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