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Link2Feed’s API Integration: What It Is and How It Helps Accelerate Your Mission

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You might have heard of the term APIs somewhere – at a board meeting, talking to your Database Administrator, or during your daily internet scroll.

In this blog we’ll go through what an API integration is, how Link2Feed’s APIs work and how this powerful technology can help you accelerate your mission.

What is API integration?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. For example, when you book a flight with a travel app (like Skyscanner or Expedia), it uses an API to talk to the software systems of different airlines to pull in details like flight times and rates. This allows the travel app to publish all requested information based on real-time data of the airline systems rather than manually populating it itself.

To help harness connectivity between systems, Link2Feed offers two APIs: the Database Access Suite – to help you combine your Link2Feed data with other sources – and the RESTful Client and Appointment API, which allows features such as creating new clients and households, updating existing clients and booking and managing appointments from external systems.

Link2Feed Database Access Suite

Our Database Access Suite allows you to connect your Link2Feed data with third-party analytic tools so you can directly query the data in ways that are not part of our standard reports. For example, you might want to see how many clients who received your service in the last month come from an underserved area in your community and who have a single parent head of household as well as a child under 5.

You can incorporate our database access API directly into your data warehouse, or integrate with third-party tools such like Business Intelligence (BI) software, or mapping tools.

Data can be anonymized or fully identified. You can use this suite as either a fully queryable data access tool, or as a base point for a synchronization system.

Interested in implementing this API integration at your organization? Visit this User Manual page to learn more about the technical details of our powerful Database Access Suite and how you can connect it seamlessly with other systems.

Link2Feed RESTful Client and Appointment API

The RESTful Client and Appointment API is the core API behind our client self-enrollment and online booking tool, a premium feature of our Case Management Software. It’s also available to connect Link2Feed with your own booking tool.

This API is used to create and update client profiles as well as manage appointments in Link2Feed from another system.

If your organization has its own mobile app, the RESTful Client and Appointment API can also be used to facilitate appointment booking for your clients in your app, which further enhances client’s access to your services. Or if you’re managing clients in another CRM tool (such as Salesforce or Zendesk), this API can be integrated to ensure your Link2Feed data is always in sync across different systems. 

Check out this User Manual page to learn more about what you can achieve with our RESTful Client and Appointment API.

Ready to save team time while maximizing your operational capabilities? Contact your account manager to start using our powerful APIs today. Or review our detailed API documentation to see how API integrations can supercharge your case management potential.


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