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The Melville and District Food Bank Makes Powerful Community Contributions Using Link2Feed’s Food Bank Software

Paper-based reporting a ‘logistical nightmare’

The Melville and District Food Bank was established to provide much-needed support to people experiencing food insecurity in the small town of Melville, Saskatchewan. Despite having a population of only 4,500, as many as 35.5% people are food insecure; more than double the provincial average.

Prior to Link2Feed, everything at The Melville and District Food Bank was written down on paper, which would sometimes be mistaken for garbage and get thrown out after a well-intentioned cleaning spree of volunteers. This loss of information impacted the accuracy of their day-to-day reporting and, consequently, their funding from government grants.

Being a small food bank with short opening hours and run entirely by volunteers, The Melville and District Food Bank realized their focus had to be on people, not paperwork, and that technology was needed to better support the community.

A fully digital process with Link2Feed’s food bank software

The food bank chose Link2Feed’s food bank software to fully digitize client intake and automate their reporting processes. They now can enter everything into the Link2Feed system and not worry about important information being thrown away. With a few clicks, they can access a report, client intake information and demographics, or customize and keep track of their Christmas hampers.

More time to focus on helping the community

Adopting Link2Feed’s food bank software has freed them from the administrative burden that comes with operating a food bank and allowed them to stay focused on the bigger picture. Instead of worrying about administrative details, they can now be out on the floor helping as many clients as possible. As a food bank that leads by example, they greatly value the extra time and effort that could be put into helping people in their small community.

“Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from using Link2Feed. Then again, it’s all a matter of perspective really. Even if you’re a micro food bank helping only 40 families a month, the more information you have at your fingertips, the easier it is to help people. After all, that’s what food bankers are here for, right? To do what we can for those in need. We’re proud of the fact that Link2Feed helps us to be really extraordinary in that regard.” – Colleen Gorcecki, Director of The Melville and District Food Bank.

Originally published on Food Banks Canada. Kevin MacLellan, KM strategic.


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