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Create a Digital Presence with SMS

Texting Feature

An innovative addition to our case management software, the texting feature is designed to empower your organization in reaching its community. Effortlessly send SMS messages from your Link2Feed case management account to your clients’ mobile devices. Reach your clients where they are, increasing engagement rates and responsiveness.

Enhance Client Communication and Responsiveness

A Texting Integration that Reaches Communities


Empower your clients and simplify their lives by providing access to crucial information - no internet or apps required.

Enhanced Engagement and Responsiveness

Transform your client engagement strategy with a mode of communication that's familiar and accessible. Improve responsiveness and foster stronger connections within your community.


Tailor your messages to perfection. With Texting, you can create a more personalized and enriching experience for every individual you serve.

Reduce costs and streamline client management by ensuring compliance and maintaining privacy standards.

Improved Communication

Texting provides a convenient and immediate way to communicate with clients. By integrating texting into case management, organizations can send important updates, appointment reminders and notifications of available services directly to clients' mobile devices.

Efficient Appointment Management

Our online registration tool, CNCT, is accessible through texting and integrated with Link2Feed's case management system, allowing clients to easily access appointments and services remotely. This reduces the need for manual appointment scheduling and paperwork, streamlining the process for both clients and staff.

Data Accuracy and Accessibility

With texting, organizations can centralize registration and client communication within the case management system, maintaining more accurate and up-to-date client records. Staff can easily access client information, track appointments and monitor engagement levels, leading to more efficient service delivery and better client engagement.

Enhanced Client Engagement

Offering clients the opportunity to communicate with service organizations through text messaging can increase engagement. Clients are more likely to respond to appointment reminders sent via text, reducing no-show rates and scheduling issues. Additionally, the convenience of online registration encourages clients to access services more regularly.

Cost-Effective Solution

Implementing texting and online registration tools within our existing case management system is more cost-effective when compared to developing separate communication platforms. Texting leverages existing infrastructure while adding valuable features to enhance client communication and service delivery. These tools also link to existing data you already collect.

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