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NIFB Eases Variety of Agency Needs by Switching to Link2Feed’s Software for Nonprofits

Why did you switch to Link2Feed’s software for nonprofits?

Our previous provider could not address our growing needs or give us easy access to our agency and program data in one place. We needed an easy-to-use system that could be customized for us and our agencies.

Through the Feeding America Service Insights (SI) initiative, I found that Link2Feed is extremely popular and well-liked among food banks. Link2Feed’s software for nonprofits is extremely customizable and would allow our agencies to track their food and non-food programs in one place, so we decided to switch!

How did you convert your agencies?

Agency needs vary so much in our network. Our areas have different personalities depending on the region, programs offered and what kind of data they need to collect. To get each agency onboard, we tailored training and communications based on their individual needs.

After initial training, agencies get access to our customized Link2Feed test site where they train based on the programs and features they want to utilize. For each launch, we go in for a more hands-on approach to ensure each agency feels supported.

It was easy to convince agencies using our previous provider to change to Link2Feed because the system gives them so much more flexibility. Once we got those agencies on board, we focused on groups of agencies in a geographic location so that all pantries in a region could get more clean, holistic data to better support their collective community.

Link2Feed grows with us

Using Link2Feed’s software for nonprofits has created more agency confidence in our systems. We’ve streamlined all data management and our overall client intake process so that clients have a similar experience across each location while also collecting the data needed to support individual agency programming.

Link2Feed supports our wide variety of agency needs in a sustainable way, changing with us as we grow and evolve. The software gets updated regularly and the Link2Feed team takes feedback from users and introduces those changes into the system. All of our expectations when switching over have been exceeded!

“My best practice has been talking to each agency and their area heads to really understand how the agencies run, what their intake processes look like and what their needs are.  We are able to tailor Link2Feed to each agency specifically because Link2Feed supports all of their programs and is willing to grow with us and our partners’ needs.” – Sarah Guy, Manager of Compliance & Best Practices, Northern Illinois Food Bank


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