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GPCFB Switches to Link2Feed’s Nonprofit Case Management Software for Easy to Access Network-Wide Data

Why did you switch to Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software?

Some of our agencies were still using our manual, paper-based system and some were using our previous software. We didn’t put all sites on our old system because we knew it was missing functionality and didn’t give us the clear visibility on our data. We needed rich, easy-to-use data that would help us make informed decisions to better serve our community and reach our 2025 strategic goals.

That’s why we chose Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software! They offer the most overall flexibility in customizing the system, a wide set of programs we can record data for and great reporting tools.

How did you convert your agencies?

First, we focused our messaging to agencies on the ease-of-use of Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software. We described how simple it is to get the numbers and reports we need. Our NetDev Managers were a huge asset during training. They had early communication with pantries, explaining why we need the data Link2Feed gives us access to and followed up for additional training during and after agency launches.

We broke pantries into groups for the launch based on both our strategic rollout goals and who would be able to make the switch easily. We timed trainings close to the pantries launch dates and began working with small groups at our location and moved training online during Covid. Doing group training sessions added so much value because participants got to hear everyone’s questions and learn more in the process.

After initial trainings, we asked for feedback to further improve our training process and adapt as we got further into our rollout timeline.

Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software gives invaluable insights into community needs

It was so beneficial to tap into the Link2Feed user community as a resource to hear how others are using the case management system. We were able to take learnings from the user community and our own agency concerns as an opportunity to show how data from Link2Feed can directly benefit our clients.

With Link2Feed’s complete and comprehensive nonprofit case management software, all of our partners understand exactly how programs are making an impact in their communities.

“Link2Feed is extremely configurable and being able to track our data across all of our different programs (pantries, CSFP, children’s programs) is so important to us. The visibility we have into our work and the access to this rich data enables us to better serve our community.” – David Carrico, Director of Information Systems & Portfolio Management & Melissa Gallo, Project Manager of Information Technology & Data Analyst, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.


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