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Leveraging Link2Feed’s Nonprofit Case Management Software for COVID-19 Response

Client Intake Users: For the most updated features rolling out for COVID response, please see our Using Link2Feed for Emergency Response user manual page.

CACFP/SFSP Users: For information about how we accommodate program waivers, see our Link2Feed and COVID Waivers for CACFP/SFSP page.

Update: 3/25

For more information on our delivery feature, please see this page.

Update: 3/19

To assist in COVID efforts, we are waiving all site caps in contracts for all users from March 1- May 30. This means for organizations using our Client Intake application, you can add unlimited sites and program buttons. For organizations using our CACFP/SFSP application, you can switch to SFSP functionality at any time and add unlimited sites.

We will also be offering our new delivery features at no cost from April-June 2020.

The Link2Feed client advisory board selection process has been postponed until further notice.

Original post: 3/16

A critical part of Link2Feed’s mission is supporting frontline providers serving vulnerable populations. We understand that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on how our partners service their communities, while simultaneously creating an increased need for emergency food.

As always, you are our top priority and we are here to support you while you respond.

Leveraging Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software in your response

Data is an asset in providing an organized response and in communicating the needs created in times of emergency.

Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software has been a vital tool for non-profits when responding to emergency conditions, economic changes (including US government shut down) and natural disasters like wildfires and Hurricane Harvey.

To help you leverage Link2Feed during this time, we’ve created a document outlining best practices on how other organizations have used Link2Feed during disaster response. You can access the information here (this page will continue to be updated with best practices).

Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software is always accessible on any mobile device (including phones) that can access Chrome, Firefox or Safari– so can easily be used at mobile or other outdoor distributions.

We are here for you, doing well, and fully prepared.

Our team has stayed hard at work, onboarding new partners, offering full support to our existing partners, and continuing to develop industry-leading products and services. Our team operates in both remote and co-located offices, so we are fully flexible to support any need that arises.

We want to thank you for your service in your communities and including us in your work. As the front lines of hunger relief, you are needed now more than ever and we are here for you.

If there is anything we can do to provide additional support, please reach out to your account manager or our technical support team at any time.


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