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How Account Managers Bring Added Value to Your Link2Feed’s Nonprofit Case Management Software Implementation

Volunteers and food bank employees gathered around food bank boxes of food

More valuable time to focus on your mission

You have a lot on your plate, and you need easy access to information that enables better decision-making. It’s one of your top priorities to get clear-cut data about the clients you serve, so you can understand their needs and motivations for utilizing your services and analyze the effectiveness of your programs.

When you’re trying to decide how to best utilize a software that measures that data, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in order to get the answers you need. That’s why, in addition to our robust User Manual and Support Videos, Link2Feed provides customers on our Standard and Premium packages with a dedicated Account Manager who is up to date on the capabilities of the system to help you gain the most value out of our nonprofit case management software.

“FBSBC was struggling to implement Link2Feed’s nonprofit case management software across their pantries and small organization and I was able to recommend some out-of-the-box solutions and strategies that helped change up their training process to better suit their onboarding goals.” – Meeka Haygood, Implementation Specialist at Link2Feed

Link2Feed’s Account Managers are with you every step of the way. Our team understands the change management you’re going through as you onboard a new data tracking system into your processes. We have experience in helping our customers to determine rollout strategies and customize data collection to align with their unique reporting needs.

Our nonprofit case management software becomes an extension of your team

At Link2Feed, we put our customers at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to support our organizations to use technology to make data-driven decisions to understand and address food insecurity. That mission drives every decision we make, every feature we add, and every meeting we have.

Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you as a consistent and reliable member of your project team. They can recommend how to best configure your system, walk you through additional features such as Surveys and Quick Click, and help you understand the data you’re collecting through Link2Feed’s dynamic reporting suite.

“FeedMore wanted to learn more about reading their data trends and reports across their network. When I visited them (pre-Covid), I prepared a Data Walk presentation that did a deep dive into reporting and examined key demographic trends, pantries that has overlapping client and areas for growth in their data collection processes.” – Jessica Atassi, Implementation Manager at Link2Feed.

As a Link2Feed customer, you’ll have a regular point of contact that understands your needs and organizational structure. When or if your organization experiences turnover or changes, your Link2Feed Account Manager will be there to support your transition. They can also offer non-software-related support with topics like asking sensitive intake questions to clients, sharing the value of collecting data with pantries through reports and providing insights on how to develop materials and best practices for your pantry network.

Your Account Manager is your advocate

Link2Feed Account Managers are experts in helping our customers understand exactly how to use the software in ways that work best for you, your reporting needs and program goals. Each Account Manager has experience with a variety of implementations and is able to advise on best practices based on the success stories of other organizations.

“Northeast Iowa Food Bank was looking for ways to improve their existing interactive data visualization dashboard (Tableau). I worked with them to implement Link2Feed’s Data Access Suite to include their existing metrics and give them a more holistic view of all of their data.” – Enosa Avery, Implementation Specialist at Link2Feed.

Link2Feed Account Managers regularly attend webinars and conferences to better understand trends in food programs, and we’re eager to learn about the powerful ways our customers are impacting their communities. We bring your questions and requests to our internal team meetings with a deep understanding of your needs and your best interests in mind.

We often connect our customers with one another to discuss how to overcome common onboarding barriers and stay in compliance with state and federal commodities guidelines. We also promote and share implementation success stories through case studies on our blog.

The best part of our job is being able to advocate for our customers and grow with you. As your programs and community need change – we’ll be there adding as much value as possible.


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