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Link2Feed Stands With the Black Community

We here at Link2Feed have been saddened and angered over the senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many other Black Americans whose names still remain to come to light. We speak confidently and proudly when we say:

Link2Feed stands with the Black community.

Our silence before today has been time to share, time to reflect and time to heal. We wanted our message to be about more than grief.

Our message is about our commitment to do the work

We will maintain our safe space to have tough conversations about racial injustice.

Link2Feed’s work with food insecurity is inextricably linked with racial inequity. Data shows that Black households face hunger at a rate more than twice that of white, non-Hispanic households and that one in four Black children struggle to have enough food to eat.

Link2Feed will continue to say loudly, “We Stand With You!”

We will continue to ask, “How are we doing?” and, “How can we be better?” We will keep doing this even if the questions are hard to ask and the answers are hard to hear. We will challenge our practices, we will improve and we will ask again.

We will use our Link2Feed platform to support our partners in using data to tell the story of hunger and its unequal impact on the Black community. 


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