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Texting Capabilities

The new texting feature launching in Q1 of 2024 will enable agencies to have two-way communication with their clients via SMS. 

Functionality will include the ability to: 

  • Send and receive text messages to and from clients who have accepted consent to contact via texting. 
  • Use automated appointment notifications with the ability to customize the timeline of appointment reminders. 
  • Share bulk announcements for cases such as agency closures, food recalls and promotional drives. 
  • Share CNCT links to modify appointments along with the ability to turn off sharing of CNCT links if needed. 
  • Access level restrictions including “read-only, respond and restricted” access for specific users or user groups. 
  • Link chat history with client profiles, including the ability to send messages directly from a client’s profile. 
  • Access the network view of all text messages sent from all partnering agencies. 
  • Generate an audit log of all text messages. 
  • Use fixed recipient templates. 
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