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Switching to Link2Feed


The thought of changing your software can feel overwhelming. You've already invested a lot of money and time into your current software and you know rolling out a new system will require a significant amount of change management.

But the wrong software provider consumes more cost and energy in the long run.


In this guide, we’ve used our 10+ years of experience helping non-profits change software solutions to address common barriers, outline our enhanced software functionality and show you how Link2Feed makes switching software providers…easy!

Common Pain Points with Other Software Providers


“The level of support I get from Link2Feed and their community is unmatched, especially in relation to our previous provider.” 

– Kara Stewart, Service Insights Specialist, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 


The following are the most common pain points organizations share about their current software providers: 


Slow Technical Support Response

An unresolved technical issue with your SI software can be the difference between an agency running a distribution or not, but some vendors don’t offer committed support response times. When an issue comes up, prompt and friendly tech support leads to quick resolutions, so your agencies can stay focused on the people they serve. 


Lack of Implementation Support

Some software providers set up the system and you never hear from them again. A provider that understands your strategy and provides dedicated implementation support as you work with hundreds of unique agencies is essential to achieving your rollout goals.


Lack of Software Updates

As your network rollout expands, so do your SI software needs. If your vendor doesn’t provide regular updates and new features, it can quickly feel like you’ve outgrown their platform. A software that offers ongoing updates and new features is critical to ensure the software grows along with you.



What Makes Link2Feed Different?


“Our department had never done a software rollout with our contracting entities. The support Link2Feed provided through all phases of the project was unbelievable. They have a template and process for everything, which took the weight of implementation off our shoulders.”

- Chris Doyle, South Carolina Department of Agriculture 

Link2Feed is the system of choice for thousands of non-profits for the following reasons:


Social Purposes Business 

Link2Feed is a designed social enterprise that works exclusively with non-profit and public sector organizations. We are mission-oriented and dedicated to supporting hunger-relief work around the world. For three years we have been named one of the top social impact organizations in the world on B Corporation’s “Best for the World” list


Commitment to Customer Success

Link2Feed has successfully supported the rollout of our software at over 10,000 non-profits, including multiple state-wide rollouts with state USDA departments and state advocacy organizations. 


Your Link2Feed account manager will act as an extension of your own team. Leveraging Link2Feed’s vast rollout expertise and best practices, they are there to help you with everything from system setup to designing an effective network training strategy and addressing your agencies unique setup needs. 


Click here to learn how the Greater Chicago Food Depository used Link2Feed to accelerate their service insights rollout.


Industry Knowledge 

Link2Feed is approved for paperless entry for commodity programs like CACFP, SFSP, TEFAP and CSFP in over 30 states and has provided software for commodity program management since 2014. Our involvement in organizations like American Commodities Distribution Association (ACDA) and National Commodity Supplemental Food Program Association (NCSFPA) provides us with industry insight and guidance. 


Our staff are trained in commodity program management and gain practical experience with program delivery by volunteering using the Link2Feed software at agencies. 


Technical Support

Unlimited technical support is provided by phone, email or an online ticketing system across multiple time zones whenever you need it. The team is quick to respond and friendly when they do.


Built on User Feedback

Our software was built in partnership with the people who use it. We actively solicit feedback from our users and select the most requested features for rollout. In fact, the whole Link2Feed team are also users of the software, volunteering at pantries across North America. 

The Link2Feed Client Advisory Board (L2F CAB) provides in-depth guidance to our team to give feature feedback, share industry trends and provide best practices for implementing the software. There is also a special Feeding America group dedicated just to Link2Feed users and Link2Feed staff meet with Feeding America on a bi-weekly basis.


Custom Development

Link2Feed understands that non-profits differ in their needs, so we accommodate paid custom developments projects for organizations that have specific or unique feature requests.


Enhanced Software Functionality


“Link2Feed is extremely configurable and being able to track our data across all of our different programs (pantries, CSFP, children’s programs) is so important to us. The visibility we have into our work and the access to this rich data enables us to better serve our community.” 

David Carrico, Director of Information Systems & Portfolio Management & Melissa Gallo, Project Manager of Information Technology & Data Analyst, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Link2Feed offers a wide variety of functionality not typically available in other platforms. Some of these features include:


Paperless Commodity Program Management

Link2Feed supports paperless compliance for CSFP, TEFAP, CACFP and SFSP programs all in one system. This means that clients only need one profile for all of the programs you offer, condensing the intake process and eliminating paper forms. Read how the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (FBCENC) managed an increased caseload and went paperless using Link2Feed. 

Easy to Use Reporting

Link2Feed reports are easy to use, interpret and help staff reduce time spend collating data and submitting reports. For example, we helped the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank (FRFB) reduce up to 100-hours of administrative work per month. 

Link2Feed reports can be run by an individual agency or across all agencies to understand key community insights that are at the forefront of decision making. See how we’ve enabled Feed Ontario to build the largest data set on Hunger and Poverty in Canada

Link2Feed reports provide data in both tables and graphs, making them easy to view and understand. You can customize information like date range, agencies and programs to narrow in on the data you want to see. Our Statistics, Heat Map and Interactive reports are some examples of our most popular reporting tools.

Click here to learn how the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank used Link2Feed for easy access to network-wide data. 


Duplicate Management

Link2Feed manages duplicates in two ways:

1. Upon intake by showing a pop-up if the new profile is a possible match with other records.

2. Retroactively, by listing all duplicates alongside a tool to merge them together. Duplicate management is critical for data integrity and Link2Feed’s advanced duplicate catching features allows you to have an accurate unduplicated client count. 

Click here to learn how the Eastern Illinois Food Bank used Link2Feed to gather clean, unduplicated data.

Highly Customizable

Link2Feed settings and fields can easily tailored to reflect your specific programs, intake and agency needs so you can have a customized solution for your community. 


Appointment Booking (Scheduling)

Link2Feed offers an appointment scheduling tool that allows you to set designated times for appointments (Ex. between 2:00 and 4:00 on Mondays) and capacity restrictions (ex. three households every 15 minutes), to help reduce lines and wait times.


Client Self-Enrollment Tool (CNCT)

CNCT, pronounced ‘connect’, enables clients to create online profiles from the comfort of their home or while waiting in line. A fully mobile solution with features like multi-language support and an appointment booking tool, CNCT is easy to use for non-profits and the people they serve. Read how the CNCT tool has helped agencies access critical data in times of need


­The Link2Feed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow you to seamlessly integrate your Link2Feed data into other data tools, like Tableau. This provides maximum reporting flexibility and allows you to do advanced statistical analysis on your Link2Feed data. 


Additional Agency Features

Agencies can track all of their food and non-food programs, like clothing or financial assistance, in the Link2Feed intake system with our generic programs feature. We also offer an inventory management software catered to pantry needs (including completing USDA inventory reporting) and are working on a volunteer management integration to help agencies manage all of their operations in one system. 

Click here to learn how the Northern Illinois Food Bank used Link2Feed to ease a variety of their agency needs. 

Case Management Features

Link2Feed simplifies management of non-food programming to support long-term, sustainable client outcomes. Monitor client needs and determine resources needed through surveys and assessments to report on your network’s outcomes, not just outputs.


Alleviating Barriers for System Conversion 

“I love that Link2Feed helps us save time and paper, but what I love even more is the pride it’s given our volunteers. One day a volunteer gave me a beaming smile and said, ‘I told my granddaughter I was in charge of the computer and she couldn’t believe it!’. Empowering our seniors to use technology to better serve their community has been such a fulfilling part of using Link2Feed- it allows us to truly live our mission of ‘seniors helping seniors’!”

– Krista Lucchesi, Mercy Brown Bag Program Director, Elder Care Alliance.

Agency Buy-in

The success of your rollout relates directly to your agency buy-in. We work alongside you to help with your conversion communication strategy and outline the benefits of Link2Feed to your agencies. 

Agencies have reported that Link2Feed is intuitive for all staff and volunteers and that it has helped them take a more client-centric approach. 


Unique Cost Savings and Contract Conversion

Link2Feed offers conversion incentives to reduce the cost of changing software providers, like flexible terms if you are under contract with a current provider and a scholarship program to help cover the upfront fees for conversion. 


Training and Implementation Support

Link2Feed supports you during your transition to ensure it’s as easy as possible. Your account manager will train and work with staff to come up with a strategy for change management as well as provide you with supporting materials (like poster templates and agency FAQs), an online training program for agencies and documented best practices to make your rollout smooth.


Click here to learn how the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma used the Link2Feed community for conversion support.


Data Conversion

Importing your information into Link2Feed doesn’t take any technical or software development expertise. It’s all done through Microsoft Excel. We provide additional support and resources that show you step-by-step how to convert, upload and download your data without any technical expertise.


Are you ready to get started?


The long-term value and impact on your organization by switching to Link2Feed far exceeds the time and investment it takes to change over.

·        Our unmatched level of customer service alleviates common barriers to software conversion and provides valuable ongoing support.

·        Our advanced software features and commitment to improvement mean you’re investing in a system that grows with you.

·        There are incentives and funding support to help mitigate the costs of changing systems.


The first step in switching over is to fill in the form below to be introduced to your Link2Feed representative.


Your representative will connect with you to schedule an exploratory call to review how Link2Feed can support your unique needs and make your conversion and rollout strategy as seamless as possible.

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