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What is Link2Feed?

Link2Feed is a social impact SaaS company that’s focused on helping impact driven organizations tackle poverty relief in their community. As a Certified B Corp, we empower our customers with world-class technology and proven best practices to help them evolve beyond the status quo and use data to accelerate their mission, impact actionable change and help transform their community.

Link2Feed offers a cloud-based Case Management Software & CACFP/SFSP Software for Food Banks & Pantries, CACFP & SFSP Sponsors, Non profits, Community Action Agencies and United Way organizations with a poverty relief or food insecurity mission. Link2Feed helps organizations complete a client intake process, record services and manage programs in a way that is both dignified for the client as well as efficient and easy-to-use for agency workers and volunteers. Our powerful APIs, partnerships and case management tools have been a catalyst for our customers to address poverty’s root cause and use data to make actionable change.

What is Case Management Software?

Case Management Software, also known as human services or non profit case management software, is a data management and cloud based storage system used to help streamline services and track all client and program data. 

Link2Feed’s Case Management Software enables quick and easy intake, prevents client duplicates and provides outcome-based reporting.  Our system is based on a catalog of configurable fields and settings making it easy for organizations and non profits to track, monitor and report on distinct data points across a wide range of programs and individual and household data. 
Link2Feed’s Case Management Software offers four unique add-on features designed to extend the life and impact of your software system including Inventory Management, Volunteer Management, API Integrations and On-Demand Delivery.

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