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The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina Tackles Four Times Caseload Increase with Link2Feed’s Nonprofit Software

Caseload more than quadruples three years

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (FBCENC) is the largest distributor of CSFP in the state of North Carolina. From 2017 to 2020, they expanded their caseload from 900 to nearly 6,000 boxes per month.

Previously, FBCENC had to collect, sort, file and do data entry into a spreadsheet for all 6,000 CSFP participants each month. As their caseload grew, the sheer amount of paperwork required to stay in compliance became overwhelming. As soon as the administrative tasks from one month were processed, they would immediately need to start on the next. It felt like an uphill battle.

From 6,000 pieces of paper to a single report with Link2Feed’s nonprofit software

Over 40 of their 98 CSFP locations now enter all of their data (including client signatures) directly into Link2Feed’s nonprofit software with the rest of the data being entered using the Link2Feed attendance feature. This has eliminated a majority of their 6,000 sheets of paper, with a plan to go completely paperless over the next year.

Since the system automates state and federal program requirements, CSFP staff also spend less time manually reviewing/correcting errors that could lead to program findings.

A shift in team morale

The morale of the CSFP team has significantly improved by eliminating paper. The hours they used to spend filing paperwork can now be used to connect directly to their mission and spend more time in the community.

The extra capacity created by Link2Feed’s nonprofit software has allowed the team to improve their relationships with agencies and ensures that FBCENC can continue to increase their caseload to serve more seniors in their community.

 “I never imagined that when I began working at the FBCENC my primary concern would be paperwork. Bringing in the Link2Feed software has completely changed the dynamic of our CSFP team- it has helped us to be more mobile, more responsive, and hey, we get a lot fewer papercuts! I can’t even remember how we survived without it!” – Christi Mallasch, FBCENC


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