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The Mississauga Food Bank Uses Link2Feed’s Food Bank Management Software for Vital Decision Making

Link2Feed’s food bank management software helps the Mississauga Food Bank put client needs first.

Challenges with data accuracy and availability

The Mississauga Food Bank (TMFB) is a client-focused food bank that emphasizes the sourcing, management and distribution of healthy food to families and individuals across the Mississauga area.

Prior to 2012, TMFB agencies only provided basic monthly data about the total number of people served and in-depth demographic information was only collected for a one-month period each year.

The food bank found they often questioned the accuracy of this data and struggled to receive the information they needed for decision making in a timely manner. To put clients at the forefront of their work and be more strategic about their operations, the food bank decided more accurate, readily available data was required.

Data at the click of a mouse

The Mississauga Food Bank uses Link2Feed’s food bank management software across their entire network. Their agency partners use the system as a case management tool to help them better understand and serve their clients.

The information entered at the agency level is then automatically aggregated, to give the food bank access to demographic information and service trends across their network in real-time.

The Mississauga Food Bank warehouse wall is updated daily with stats from the Link2Feed system to share the food bank’s impact with staff and volunteers.

Food bank management software data helps put clients first

Since Link2Feed reports are so user-friendly, anyone at the food bank can use real-time, aggregate client data as the basis for their decisions, making it easy to put client needs first.

The Link2Feed data is not only used for distribution and operations but has also become a vital tool for all aspects of the organization including advocacy, communications and their annual “Impact Report”.

Data from Link2Feed’s food bank management software is even displayed in their warehouse to share the food bank’s impact with visitors and volunteers.

“Every morning I come into work and the first thing I do is open my email and Link2Feed; I can’t even imagine life without it anymore. The system makes it so easy to access the information I need and we use it daily to make decisions about our operations, in our communication with agencies and to tell our story to donors and volunteers. We exist to make a difference for people in our community and Link2Feed provides us with the data to make that happen.” – Jon Davey, Manager of Food Programs and Distribution, The Mississauga Food Bank.

Jon Davey, Manager of Food Programs and Distribution, The Mississauga Food Bank


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