Link2Feed Premium Features

Client Self-Enrollment (CNCT)

Link2Feed CNCT stands for Community eNrollment and Connection Tool. The Link2Feed CNCT feature allows clients to create their profile and book services from the comfort of their own home or while waiting in line.


The Link2Feed Delivery feature allows users to record a visit for several clients at a time in a group and print a list for drivers to use on a delivery route. While setting up your group, it will also allow you to include delivery notes and it keeps track of who misses their deliveries. It will record a visit that will appear in each of their profiles for the same visit date for those who were delivered to.


The Link2Feed Assessment feature allows users to do initial benchmark questionnaires with clients and track progress over time to report on program outcomes.


The Link2Feed Goals feature allows users to track progress towards clients goals to easily report on outcomes for any program.

Inventory & POS

Link2Feed Inventory and Point of Sale (POS) allows users to keep track of their inventory levels in real time.