Four reasons we love food bankers that will make you love them too

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone: shopping to finish, events to attend, meals to prepare.  But despite the hustle and bustle we’re up against, people working in food banks (those we endearingly call “food bankers”) tend to be the busiest of all.

After all, dedicating your time to making the holidays brighter for others is no short task.

Because we’re constantly inspired by these amazing people who go the extra yard all year round‎ (and then stretch to the extra mile around the holidays) our staff have put together four reasons why we absolutely love food bankers.

1. They’re incredibly resourceful

From finding the best way to organize a space to breaking down bulk food items into family-sized packages, food bankers always find a way to maximize what they have. They also have a knack at cultivating great relationships to get the services or resources they need to help others in their community.

When you support a food bank you can always rest assured that every dollar, hour or food item you give is being stretched to its full potential. With their relationships and economies of scale, some organizations even have the capacity to use each dollar you donate to acquire and distribute up to $8 worth of food!

“I’m always amazed to hear about the processes and partnerships our clients have in place so they can make the biggest possible difference. They really know how to make the most of what they have. I am both honoured to know them and learn from them every day!” – Stephanie McLean, Link2Feed Account Manager

2. They’re compassionate

People who work in food banking are incredibly compassionate; they genuinely care about the work they do and the people they work with. Food bankers excel at putting aside their personal concerns to focus on the needs of others.

Not only are the staff and volunteers there for their clients when they’re needed the most, but they also spend the time to listen and advocate for client needs. A food banker’s job isn’t done when the food has been distributed; they spend their energy doing so much more.

“I love food bankers because they’re the best kind of people that exist in the world; not only do they feel for others, but they actually get up and do something about it.” – Jason Hofer, Link2Feed Senior Software Developer

3. They’re relentless

Food bankers see the work that needs to be put in and will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Regardless of the number of people in line or the funding required for a new program, they put everything they have into their work because they know their efforts change lives.  And since need is especially high throughout December, most food bankers are putting in extended hours and even compromising their holiday plans to make sure that happens.

“Relentless is the word I would use to describe food bankers. No matter what the challenge is, they face it head on. It’s this drive and commitment to others that make food bankers the type of people who change the world.” – Emily Branton, Link2Feed President

4. They inspire hope

The people who work or volunteer at a food bank are a beacon of hope for those who have nowhere else to turn. Regardless of their situation, no one wants to have to use emergency food services, but the people waiting for them make it a hopeful and dignified experience.

Food banks provide their clients with so much more than food. They truly inspire hope.

 “When I volunteer at my local food bank, I’m constantly touched by the interaction between the workers and clients; there is such a personal connection and genuine consideration. It’s easy to forget how many lives these people touch in a day until you see it. They really are bringing hope to people who need it most.” – Rob Dawson, Link2Feed Founder and CEO

It’s hard to walk into a food bank and not love the people who work there. They’re resourceful, compassionate, relentless and they spend their days inspiring hope for the people who need it most.

So from the team at Link2Feed to all the food bankers around the world: Thank you! We are so honoured to be part of the work you do and we love feeding change with you every day.