We’re at the start of something big; it’s been under wraps for a while and it’s time to let you in on our big secret.

In January, we explained how we are making the decisions to ensure everyone gets meal and followed-up with our Version 1.2 rollout then, most recently, the announcement of our BCorp status. But now we’re rolling up our sleeves for a major transformation…

Link2Feed Version 2.0.

Over the past 4 months, we’ve put a magnifying glass to the software and have analyzed each feature and report. We’ve spent countless hours going over minute details and big ideas. We’ve spoken to a number of our users, reviewed your feedback and reached out to national and international food banking and poverty experts for their advice.

The result is our biggest version rollout yet and the most significant evolution of our software to date; what we’re calling Link2Feed Version 2.0.

This new version will allow us to increase your database speed, add new functionality and incorporate a brand new look. It will also prepare us for international growth, so we can truly ensure everyone gets a meal. You can also look forward to:

  • Improved device (mobile and tablet) responsiveness and optimization
  • New outcomes-based reporting features
  • An enhanced multi-language tool
  • New non-food bank visit tracking program
  • Numerous features that you have requested over the past year that weren’t rolled-out with previous versions

But we need your help!

Link2Feed is proud to be “built in a food bank”, which means we need your feedback for this exciting project.

We’re looking into having a bit of a makeover, so we’ve narrowed it down between two looks and you are the deciding factor!

Please take 30 seconds to vote on Link2Feed’s new look! Click here to get started!

Keep in mind, the final version will not look exactly like this, but will be very similar in style. The deadline is May 30th and anyone who votes is automatically entered for a draw for a $150 grocery gift card!

Stay tuned to our blog and emails as we continue to ask for your feedback and support on this exciting project, which is set for a beta launch this October.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you at support@link2feed.com.

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