Link2Feed Scholarship Funds Released Early

We’ve made some big changes to our scholarship program!

Our partners suggested changing the program to match the July fiscal year that is common for food banks.

So, we’re releasing funds in February for food banks to start July 1, 2018!

Our Scholarship Program allows us to provide our detailed implementation support for up to eight eligible food banks at no cost.

In 2017, two food banks received a total of $100,000 to rollout Link2Feed to all of their programs over a three-year period. This included pantries, TEFAP pantries, backpack programs, CSFP (and other senior programs) as well as SNAP outreach.

The scholarship program has been made possible by an extremely generous donor who has witnessed the impact Link2Feed has had on over 3,100 organizations across North America.

Who Should Apply?

Food banks who are interested in data collection but lack the funding or staff capacity are the ideal applicants for this program

This will be a highly competitive bidding process, which will only be made available to a select number of organizations who:

  • Are not current clients and will be launching to over 100 agencies over a three-year period
    • OR Are current clients expanding Link2Feed into a new program at their organization
  • Have an outlined plan or significant need for collecting client data
  • Can evidence financial need for upfront fees
  • Can evidence capacity to pay monthly fees

How Do I Apply?

To confirm your interest, email with the subject line “Scholarship Application- [Your Food Bank Name]” by 5pm on Friday, December 22nd.  Please indicate how you meet the above criteria.

If you qualify, you will receive a detailed application questionnaire that must be returned by Friday, January 19th at 12pm ET.

Scholarship recipients will be announced by February 9th and recipients must start the onboarding process no later than July 1st, 2017.

We are so excited to receive your application and look forward to feeding change together!