What is Link2Feed Version 2.0?

Link2Feed is proud to be “built in a food bank”, which is why we have committed to collecting your feedback and incorporating it into a version rollout each year.

In May, we announced that we were “at the start of something big” in preparation for Link2Feed Version 2.0; our largest version rollout to date!

This new version and food bank software update will feature a new user interface (design) selected by our customers (take a look here!), a faster intake process, increased security features and enhanced reports.

Why a new version?

Our clients are always pushing us to think about food banking in new ways and to incorporate innovative features such as increased intake automation and groundbreaking reporting tools. When assessing features for our Version 1.2 rollout, we identified new technologies that would better support the functionality requested by our customers, which led to our decision to develop 2.0.

We’ve also seen a shift in food banking metrics from outputs (metrics such as “how many people did we serve?”) to outcomes (metrics like “how do our services improve clients’ lives?”). Version 2.0 reporting will enable food banks to easily present more outcomes-oriented metrics and better understand exactly how their services provide value to clients.

Does this affect me?

This conversion impacts all current Link2Feed clients in Canada and the US. All clients implementing Link2Feed in the New Year will automatically be onboarded to Version 2.0.

When will I be migrated?

We’ve been testing our intake and reporting features with clients over the past month and are proud to say that a Beta Version (Beta means “testing” version) of Link2Feed will be launched at the end of October.

The Beta Version will allow us to showcase our new platform to prepare our clients for migration in the New Year. To make sure all of our clients are completely comfortable with the new features, we will be doing a series of free webinars during the month of November (see “Sign me up for a webinar!” below).

The migration will take a phased approach starting in the New Year and all Canadian customers will be migrated over before Hunger Count. An account manager will have reached out to the Portal Administrator at your food bank to confirm your migration date and assess any training needs you may have. If you haven’t spoken to an account manager, please email connect@link2feed.com to schedule time for a call.

How will my migration work?

Your Current Data: Migration to Link2Feed Version 2.0 includes a full transfer of all your data to the new system.

Migration Date: Your “migration date” is always a Monday and is the date that you will be automatically upgraded to the new version. Data transfer will happen on Saturday and Sunday immediately before your migration to avoid any down-time at your food bank.

Training: A super user training session will be available to you prior to your migration. If you are interested in a training session, it is important that you confirm a date and time with your account manager as soon as possible to ensure you get your desired spot. It’s important to note that your migration will be live on the date you have been provided even if you do not confirm a training session time.

Trial: You will have the opportunity to use the Link2Feed Version 2.0 test portal if you want to get comfortable with the new features before your migration. Your account manager can create a trial account for you upon request.

Reach out to us any time if you have questions about your migration or the new version. Please email connect@link2feed.com and an account manager will follow-up with you directly.


Sign me up for a webinar!

          Session #1 (FULL)             Session #2 (FULL)           Session #3 (FULL)           Session #4 (FULL) 

    November 17                   November 17                  November 20                November 26

       1:00-2:00pm EST           10:00-11:00am EST           3:00-4:00pm EST            2:00-3:00pm EST

    Session #5                 Session #6 (FULL)         Session #7 (FULL)             Session #8

    November 19                     November 20                 November 24                   November 25

  1:00-2:00pm EST            11:00-12:00pm EST       11:00-12:00pm EST         1:00-2:00pm EST


To sign-up for a webinar, please email connect@link2feed.com indicating your desired session number and how many people from your food bank will be on the webinar. Please note, scheduled sessions are for current Link2Feed clients. Future clients should email ebranton@link2feed.com directly to schedule a demonstration.